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The Myths

Do I need to do anything before my reading?

It is helpful to come prepared with questions, but this is not mandatory.

Is there a difference between remote session vs. in person?

Whether referring to a reading or a healing session there is absolutely no difference, the work is done in a dimension that is not space or time bounded.

How does it work?

I don't know that anyone can fully explain "the how". Probably our science is not there yet, or our language doesn't have the words to express it.. who knows. Keep asking the question, because you don't want to stop being amazed... 
If you would like my opinion, I believe we are all connected and we are like a radio that decides what realities/dymensions to attune to.

Is it a gift people are born with?

People have the right to disagree, the way I see it is: we are not all born talented pianists. Yet we could all play the piano, it is as simple as that.. some of us have been using our perception all our lives, and some others decide to ignore it... there's a world for everyone.

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