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The Language of Spirit

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Didier Gutierrez

“My mission is to change the world. I believe that if more people become aware that all this is truly possible we would live in a different world”

Didier is about 50% Native Mexican American and his ancestry can be traced to Tepoztlan (a small town in the state of Morelos, Mexico). The town is known as the most mystical of magic towns for many reasons, among them, it’s “Chamanes”. And although Didier grew up ignoring all this, he has always been able to feel energies which he indistinctly called Angels. 

These angels have always guided his life. Even as a kid he realized that his dreams would become true, that he could sense family members passing, and/or important people entering his life.

Today he has an MBA and a successful business career, yet he has been called to serve spirit.

Love, Light & Unicorns

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Please note all sessions are currently remote


Spiritual Guidance

Understand your Gifts

This sessions are for you: ask questions, discuss your interest and work in a development plan (if interested in one). I will tune into your energy and can help you connect with your guides.

30 minutes - $40.00

45 minutes - $60.00

Animal Communication

Pets have souls eager to communicate

Pets are animals and they communicate accordingly. They will share information about their personality and own experiences.

20 minutes - $30.00

45 minutes - $60.00

Please send a picture of your pet before your reading to

Mediumship Readings

Your Loved ones are always w/you

Check in with your loved ones and let's have an evidential conversation that reminds you how close they really are. 

*I just started drawing during my sessions... looking forward to offer this soon :)

20 minutes - $30.00

45 minutes - $60.00

Psychic Readings

Insights about the energy around you

My cards have open my perspective in many situations in my life. I would love to do the same for you, and share meaningful insights about your love life, work and/or family.

20 minutes - $30.00

45 minutes - $60.00

Akashic Readings

Your Records

The records always help me understand my life from my soul's perspective. From a non judgemental point of view the records help us explore recurring life patterns and relationships. 

20 minutes - $30.00

45 minutes - $60.00

Disclaimer - The consultation of each client is subject to their interpretation. The information shared during these sessions does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, every client is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.

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